Year of 10,000 Prizes!

More contests than you can handle!


The Year of 10,000 Prizes was a HUGE success! We gave away more prizes than anyone in Milwaukee!

Everything from trips, to cash, to concert tickets, to movie prizes and much more!

Honestly it was more like the year of 12,000 prizes! It's been such a phenomenal year that Riggs, Alley & Gibbons would like to reveal the exact number themselves below!

Here are some of this week's prizes!

- Cirque du Soleil: Crystal taking place January 30th to February 3rd at Fiserv Forum
- Summerfest 2019 U.S. Cellular® 11 Day Power Passes
- Kiss Swag Prize Packs - (t-shirt and mints)

Stay tuned for any updates now through the end of the year! Thank you for joining in on the fun!