LOOK: 13% Of Couples Who Meet On Dating Sites and Apps Do WHAT?!

I know what you were thinking. You saw the headline and immediately thought "hmmm.....he's talking about dating websites so the answer HAS TO be sex on the first date". WRONG! It's 2017, not 2013, and dating apps and sites these days are all about love! According to a new study, 13% of couples who...
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If You Want To Join The Mile High Club, This App Might Help!

Ever have that momemt when you're on an airplane, feel like hooking up, but can't use Tinder because...well....you're at 30,000 feet!?!? Me too!! It's a terrible feeling, but now there's hope! There's a new app called Airdates that allows people to find their match while in the middle of a flight!...
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