Kwik Trip.  Grab me a Glazer, please. k thanks byeeee

Kwik Trip engagement photos are probably the most Wisconsin Thing EVER (PICS)

Perhaps the most Wisconsin way to do your engagement photos. AMIRIGHT!??
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Ellen Defends Herself After Sitting Next To George Bush At Packer Game

In case you missed it, Ellen Degeneres was at the Packer game in Dallas this past weekend and people were shocked that she was sitting next to Former President George W Bush. What a combo George Bush and Ellen DeGeneres at the Packers vs Cowboys game yesterday. #GBvsDAL pic.twitter.com/7ku1kDZ4H9...
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Wisconsin State Flag

Wisconsin’s Whitefish Bay on Top 10 List for American Cities to Live!

For America’s Top 50 Cities to Live In, several Wisconsin cities made the list but Whitefish Bay got the higher than the rest!
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WATCH: Skydiving Into Lambeau Field Looks Badass!!

Football is back...and that means all the spectacle that comes along with the big NFL games. Fireworks, Jet Flyovers, botched National Anthem lyrics with social outrage, and of course - People PARACHUTING into NFL stadiums. This is a jump done out of an airplane that I myself have jumped from at...
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6 steps to easily renew your license plate LEGALLY...

Not sure if you've noticed, but here in Wisconsin, many people have trouble following the simplest of directions. Case in point, license plate stickers. Now chances are, you're an upstanding human being that properly places their license plate sticker. If that's you, awesome! But you're about to...
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Should Wisconsin's Cash Tips Be TAX FREE?

Tipping is obviously a hot button topic - especially those that work in the service industry and RELY on tips, because their base pay is somewhere in the ballpark of $2-3/hour. Uncle Sam obviously wants a piece of your money, so those servers have to CLAIM their cash tips as it stands. So the...
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JMatt Is To Blame For ALL OF THIS

JMatt is, like, the most cheerful dude EVER. Seriously. He always has a smile on his face, always has a (usually not THAT funny, but still worthy of a pity laugh) joke to crack and is just an all-around swell fellow....and recently I've been SO MAD AT HIM!!! Why, you ask? Because the dude LOVES...
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5 excuses you use to tailgate

Not the fun kind of tailgating that Wisconsin makes famous before baseball games, but the evil kind of driving that gets worse in the spring. Admit it. We can't handle nice weather. We ruin it; by being humans who can't handle nice things. We get so excited about driving in near perfect weather,...
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Do Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy Hate Each Other?

WELL, just get your popcorn and tea ready, honey, and enjoy this nice read about Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. The Bleacher Report came out with a fascinating article about ALL the tension behind the scenes and it even includes quotes from MANY former Packers....Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, etc...
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So I Fell In Love This Week...

So, I've been meeting a LOT of new people over the last couple months, but this one def takes the cake! And if it doesn't give you all the feels, well then I have no more words for you! First of all...if you assumed that I was in love with Travis Shaw, third basemen for the Brewers, then you need...
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