West Allis

Powerball Jackpot

$768.4M Powerball Jackpot Winner from West Allis, WI!

What you want to know about the local winner of the $768.4M Powerball Jackpot!
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Dirty Stallis Is NO MORE

If you grew up in this area, you've probably heard COUNTLESS stories involving West Allis being referred to as "Dirty Stallis". This phrase came from the town's reputation YEARS AGO for the debauchery and crazy times that were known to go down. Welp.....it's 2018, y'all, which means a rebranding of...
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Gourmet PB&J Restaurant Coming to MKE!!!!

New deli featuring the much loved classic, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is set to open fall 2017 in West Allis! The deli will feature gourmet twists on the traditional PB&J and offer over 70 varieties of jam and jellies. The eatery will start off with honey roasted peanut butter, almond...
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Cheese-tastrophe of 2017

Tuesday afternoon, a semi truck containing 20,000 pounds of Kraft and Velveeta cheese caught fire. When the driver realized his brake lines were on fire, he pulled over to disconnect the trailer from cab, ensuring that no one except the cheese was harmed. "It's a very difficult fire once the cheese...
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#GibbonsGetsAround - Jonny Hammers

If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times....I LOVE WINGS! I've been searching for the best wings in the area and I found a new local gem last night: Jonny Hammers in West Allis. The first thing I noticed about this place was that there posters and ticket stubs from The Grateful Dead (they're a...
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