Weight Loss

Alley Weight Loss February 2019

I've Had Two Big Changes In My Weight Loss... I Didn't See One Of Them Coming!

Well, it's been about 2 months since I've updated you on my weight loss and let me just tell you...some crazy things have happened that I didn't see coming!! FIRST, let me just say that I last updated you at the beginning of January, when I hit the 100 pound weight loss mark. WELL...NOW, I'm...
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Am I The Only One DESTROYING My New Year's Resolution?

I'm serious, y'all! I started out the year with HIGH HOPES. As you may have previously heard or read, I publicly made my New Year's Resolution "to stay alive". In actuality, my goal is to stay alive in addition to maybe get myself in better shape by eating better......This is where things go wrong...
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I'm Down 67 Pounds!

Well, in case you have missed me talking about it on the air or maybe you missed it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat....but I have lost 67 pounds since July! Yup, I'm happy to say that it has been pretty easy thanks the to the ladies at Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek and Racine! I...
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Riggs & Alley Had A LOT To Say This Morning. Hear It All!

If you missed out on Riggs & Alley this morning, catch up on the whole show here! Today's highlights include: - Ariana Grande's fiancee Pete Davidson got in some legal trouble. - Good News Of The Day - Riggs had a fun time getting to know his long-lost half-brother. - Alley made a huge...
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