Kraig Karson for Chevy Trax

Makin' "Trax" to the Sports Show!

Kraig Karson makes "Trax" to the Sports Show in the all-new Chevy Trax!
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Makin' Trax to the Auto Show

The lovely Trax..yep I said "lovely"

I found love!
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Chocolate, fresh air, Auto Show and The Trax

Trax is lovely... yep I said "lovely"

Embracing late winter with the Trax
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Makin' Trax

Traveling with The Trax

I'm taking my sled, and finding a hill witht they Chevy Trax.
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Taking Tall naps in the best ride

A fun year with Chevy adventures.. and naps.
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Winterizing The Trax.. and coffee.

My attempt to embrace winter. Get my Chevy Trax ready for it.. with popcorn and coffee.
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Zablocki Park: cleaning up the place

Drove the Chevy Trax out to Zablocki Park for fall cleanup with the crew.
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Summer = new ride

A mini road trip just turned into a trade-in.
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