Riggs and Alley

I Have The CRAZIEST New Year's Resolution

'Tis the season for a new you! You've made it through the holidays with (at least some) of your sanity and money, made your friends and family happy, and are now ready to focus on YOU! Helllloooooo New Year's Resolutions! Many people's resolutions involve bettering themselves in a multitude of ways...
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What Was The Most Binged Show On Netflix In 2018?

Netflix has announced the MOST BINGED show of 2018.... They released their own “Year in Review” this week! Netflix came to the conclusion by using “the highest average watch time per viewing session" in their database. Turns out that Wisconsin's own Making a Murderer(season 2) actually came in 2nd...
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Looks Like Aaron Might Have Made Up With The Fam

Did Aaron Rodgers just pull a fast one on us? He just may have, because last week during an interview, he nonchalantly dropped that he had been spending time with.....drumroll please....his parents!! Yep, Aaron was asked about the firing of Mike McCarthy after last weeks game and here is what...
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I've Always Wanted To Buy It, But Didn't Have The Nerve. Until Now.

Ok, I've gotta ask your opinion about something. This is a question for men and women. And it's pretty simple. Should I be embarrassed that I bought this the other day at the store? I've been eyeing it up for awhile, but always thought.....that lotion is for men! LOL! What am I talking about?? Well...
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The Classic Christmas Shows Are SO CHEESY

When's the last time you sat down with your kids during the Holidays and watched the classic Christmas TV specials? Frosty The Snowman was GREAT when we were kids, so naturally the children in our lives would love them too, right?! WRONG! I was SO READY to start a new tradition with my girlfriend...
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I Didn't Even Know This Awesome Gadget Existed

So when my parents were in town last weekend for Thanksgiving, my mom saw me cleaning and immediately said to me, "Allison(yes my parents call me Allison lol), you really need to go get one of those blind cleaner tools!" Of course, I had no idea what she was talking about....I was slowing cleaning...
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My First Holiday With My Girlfriend's Family Was...Interesting

Based on the cover photo for this blog, you're probably thinking "Wow, Gibbons! You've never looked this happy!" and you're absolutely correct! I LOOKED really happy in the pic...but I FELT REALLY NERVOUS!! Why, you ask? Well, because this pic was taken on Thanksgiving night at my girlfriend's...
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Star Says He Was Diagnosed in 2011

Danny Roberts, former star of The Real World: New Orleans has revealed that he has been diagnosed with HIV. Roberts did an interview with Entertainment Weekly recently where he revealed he was diagnosed after a phone call with his doctor in 2011. Roberts, who is 41-years-old now, currently lives in...
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Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Top 7 Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are getting excited for our favorite dishes! For this week's episode of Ask the KISS Jocks , they share which mouthwatering items will be filling their plates at the dinner table! Riggs (5:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.): "I can only pick one thing? This sucks! Alright,...
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Labor Pains

Janet + Gina's Pregnancy Scare

We started off the week with a bang with getting WAXED live on Facebook, Janet and Gina thought they should end the week just as strong with simulated contractions administered by Doctor Alley! It's Women's Pilgrim Trivia to challenge Riggs and Gibbons to see who gets to feel more contractions but...
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