It's 20 Items or LESS!

In St. Francis, the Pick N' Save on S. Whitnall Ave was the scene of a small spat between an 80-year-old man and two women (64 and 80-years-old) over how many items they had in the express lane that clearly said 20 items or less. Police were called in after the customers started arguing, but both...
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Bucket List: I always wanted to get arrested!

Not me... A 99 year old woman always wanted to get arrested.. so the police cooperated to knock it off her bucket list. Weirdo. http://distractify.com/trending/2017/02/28/Z1pglsP/police-arrest-99-year-old-woman
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Christmas is everywhere

One year we opted not to send the "perfect family" picture and sent this for our Christmas Card. Try something different this year.
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