Oak Creek

Alley Weight Loss February 2019

I've Had Two Big Changes In My Weight Loss... I Didn't See One Of Them Coming!

Well, it's been about 2 months since I've updated you on my weight loss and let me just tell you...some crazy things have happened that I didn't see coming!! FIRST, let me just say that I last updated you at the beginning of January, when I hit the 100 pound weight loss mark. WELL...NOW, I'm...
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I've Officially Lost 100 Pounds!

WELL....It's official! I have lost 100 pounds! 104 to be exact! Everyone keeps asking what I'm doing, what I eat and how I have managed to do it so quickly! Well, let me just fill you in! I started going to Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek (they have a Racine location too) on July 9,...
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I'm Down 67 Pounds!

Well, in case you have missed me talking about it on the air or maybe you missed it on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat....but I have lost 67 pounds since July! Yup, I'm happy to say that it has been pretty easy thanks the to the ladies at Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek and Racine! I...
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Have You Ever Wanted to be on a Game Show? Find Out How!

Auditions for one of the most popular game shows are coming to the Milwaukee Area! Who hasn't thought about that being the person who wins it big on a game show? Well now is your chance! Wheel of Fortune is coming to the Milwaukee and they want you to be a contestant. They are bringing their...
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Oak Creek Gettin' the Greatest Treats!

Cuban food: My weakness, my love, and it lands in Oak Creek. Look! https://onmilwaukee.com/dining/articles/cubanitas-oak-creek.html
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