Nick Viall

Alley's Bachelor Blog WEEK 2

Okay. Where do we begin! Week 2. I gotta tell you....there are still WAY too many girls for me to remember most names, but I think we can all agree a few have stuck out. First off...Corinne. Oh, Corinne. You poor girl. You are so cute. You seem smart. So WHY are you throwing yourself at this man...
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LISTEN: Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs

The father of Riggs is the only person more knowledgeable about The Bachelor than Alley. Check out the debut episode of Bachelor Bizness With Papa Riggs.
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The Bachelor Just Came Out With Its Own Wine!

The Bachelor just came out with a brand new way to play a Bachelor drinking game! They are introducing their own brand of wines and they will definitely be your new favorite watching partner. The wines come in three varieties, The Fantasy Suite Cabernet Sauvignon, One on One Chardonnay, and The...
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