Making A Murderer

Brenden Dassey Back In Court Tuesday Morning

Brenden Dassey is currently serving time in Portage at Columbia Correctional Institution, but today(Tuesday morning), his fate will be in the hands of the U. S. Court of Appeals in Chicago. The court will hear arguments Tuesday to help decide whether his conviction should be overturned. At the time...
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New Decision in the Brendan Dassey Case?

After spending nearly 10 years in prison, Brendan Dassey is finally going to be released by 8 P.M.. Friday. Dassey has been in jail after being found guilty of helping his uncle Steven Avery murder Teresa Halbach in 2005. The release was ruled by U.S.. Magistrate William Duffin only one day after...
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Making a Murder's Brendan Dassey Will Remain Behind Bars

After a rollercoaster of a week for Brendan Dassey, a judge has blocked his release from prison after the previous ruling Tuesday. Earlier this week a judge ordered Dassey be released by 8 p.m. Friday after his conviction was overturned in August. The United States Court of Appeals agreed to an...
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