Packers Fan SUING The Bears!

Russell Beckman of Racine is a season ticket holder for both the Packers and Bears. Part of him being a season ticket holder means he gets "On Field Pre-Game" access to certain games. He was informed by email that he would not be allowed to wear his Packers gear on the field in Chicago. Now he's...
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$500 Dunkin' Donuts Lawsuit?!

If you live in Massachusetts ordering a bagel with butter, you may have gotten a butter substitute. A man, in central Massachusetts, sued more than 20 Dunkin’ Donuts shops for allegedly using margarine when he ordered buttered bagels will be receive $500 as well as three free buttered baked goods...
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He's Suing Uber For $45 Million Over His Divorce

A French guy is suing Uber for $45 million after a bug in the app led to his divorce. A glitch in the Uber app allegedly allowed the man’s wife to keep tabs on his location, and determine he’d been cheating on her, according to a French Newspaper, Le Figaro. He had at one point used his wife’s...
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