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Alley Weight Loss February 2019

I've Had Two Big Changes In My Weight Loss... I Didn't See One Of Them Coming!

Well, it's been about 2 months since I've updated you on my weight loss and let me just tell you...some crazy things have happened that I didn't see coming!! FIRST, let me just say that I last updated you at the beginning of January, when I hit the 100 pound weight loss mark. WELL...NOW, I'm...
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I've Officially Lost 100 Pounds!

WELL....It's official! I have lost 100 pounds! 104 to be exact! Everyone keeps asking what I'm doing, what I eat and how I have managed to do it so quickly! Well, let me just fill you in! I started going to Medical Weightloss and Wellness in Oak Creek (they have a Racine location too) on July 9,...
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Riggs & Alley Had A LOT To Say This Morning. Hear It All!

If you missed out on Riggs & Alley this morning, catch up on the whole show here! Today's highlights include: - Ariana Grande's fiancee Pete Davidson got in some legal trouble. - Good News Of The Day - Riggs had a fun time getting to know his long-lost half-brother. - Alley made a huge...
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