High School

Is This Yearbook Photo Too Inappropriate?

here's my senior picture. because you can see my part of my brallette, it was "too inappropriate". yet, here's the boys swim team picture. pic.twitter.com/hGg2G3ubO6 — eleanor (@elfitzwilliams) September 26, 2017 Eleanor Fitzwilliams, a senior at Verona High School, was recently told that her...
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LISTEN: Why Did You Change Your Friends?!

It was a dark day for high school-aged Riggs. In one moment, he went from having a big-ol group of friends to ZERO. ZIP. NONE. All alone. Solo dolo. Allll byyyy himseeeeelf. What would prompt everyone he knows and loves to abandon him?! Well, ya gotta listen to find out!
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