How to Properly Clean Your Phone During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As many are concerned about the coronavirus, people are being extra cautious about washing and sanitizing their hands. Although that is very important, experts are now warning people that they should be sanitizing their phone.
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Is It Coronavirus or Allergies? How to Tell the Difference

Hearing anyone sneeze or cough these days can be an anxiety-inducing situation. With coronavirus fears running high, it’s important to know the difference in symtoms between COVID-19 and seasonal allergies.
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no booze for me

3 Reasons you should try #DryJanuary - 30 days. No booze.

30 days. No booze. Dry January. Here are three reasons you should try it...You in?
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I Have The CRAZIEST New Year's Resolution

'Tis the season for a new you! You've made it through the holidays with (at least some) of your sanity and money, made your friends and family happy, and are now ready to focus on YOU! Helllloooooo New Year's Resolutions! Many people's resolutions involve bettering themselves in a multitude of ways...
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5 Things We Do to Make Ourselves Feel Healthier

Want to feel like you're living your best life?
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The Key to a Happy Marriage May Be Your Height

A new study is saying something as simple as you and your spouse's height may play a large part in if your marriage will be a happy one.
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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Battle with Alopecia

Jada Pinkett Smith has come public about her battle with alopecia. The 46-year-old actress shared the news on her Facebook chat show, Red Table Talk . “I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I’ve been wearing this turban,” she said. “Well, I’ve been having issues with hair loss. And it was...
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Wisconsin Needs to Reduce Their Alcohol Consumption?

According to a new study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Wisconsin residents binge drink at least once a month. The study defined binge drinking as a woman having four or more drinks and a man having five or more drinks during a short period of time. The nation...
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It's Better to be Single, According to Science

Still single after Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. You're better off than your married friends, according to science. In fact, Business Insider just looked into some recent studies that explored this topic, and here are two benefits that scientists agreed about: Being Single Increases the Social...
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A Community Supports a Teen With Cancer

In Walworth County, a whole community is rallying behind a 14 year old named Emma that was diagnosed with cancer in July when the doctors were checking her for kidney stones. They found her entire abdomen full of lymphoma, so they immediately took her to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin where she...
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