Guinness you can enjoy in 5 different ways

I think Guinness (a delicious beverage you can chew) tastes just fine by itself, but there's one recipe with coffee liqueur! so I'm in.
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Ed Sheeran Breaks Multiple World Records With ÷ Album!

The worldwide response to Ed Sheeran's newly released third studio album ÷ ( Divide ) has garnered him a string of impressive world records! According to Guinness World Records , with 672,000 first-week sales and downloads, the album sold more copies in its first week than the rest of the UK's Top...
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Guinness Will FINALLY Be Brewed In America

Most Irish people will tell you that there's only ONE beer that matters...GUINNESS. For all of eternity, it's never been brewed in these here United States.......but THAT'S A-CHANGIN', y'all. 'Merican-brewed Guinness?! Heck yeah!!! Get the full scoop HERE !
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