Zoom Meetup

KISS Kocktail Hour | Zoom Meetup

Enter now for your chance to win a digital invite for you and 6 friends to chat live with Riggs, Alley & Gibbons on a Zoom Virtual Meeting for a KISS Kocktail Hour on Friday, April 3rd from 6pm to 7pm!
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Gift Card Giveaway with Gibbons

Gift Card Giveaway at Sprint with Gibbons 2.29.20

Gibbons stopped by Sprint for a Gift Card Giveaway!
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Smiles with Santa @ Bayshore 12.14.19

Alley Faith and Gibbons hung out at Bayshore's Smiles with Santa event!
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Milwaukee Out of the Darkness 2019

Milwaukee Out of the Darkness 2019! The Out of the Darkness Milwaukee Walk webpage has all the details for furture walks and a recap of this years! Click here to visit their webpage!
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Why Does Gibbons Have That Summertime Sadness?!

Getting sick sucks enough as it is....but getting HELLA sick during the Summer is downright SAD. So WTF happened? Let me explain.... A few Fridays ago, Alley and I weren't feeling so hot. Both of our throats were KILLING Alley the Mom went into illness investigator mode. "GIBBONS! OPEN...
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Gibbons Was So Angry When His Bank Screwed Him Like THIS!

The following story is a prime example of why I, Gibbons, prefer dealing with cash instead of putting my money in a bank. My bank ROYALLY screwed me over the weekend. How, you ask? Well, allow me to explain. This past Friday was payday for this guy and I wanted to tear up Downtown MKE. Since I'm...
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What Was YOUR Highlight of Summerfest Week 1?!

When it comes to Summerfest, I think it's safe to that collectively we've had the greatest first week IN HISTORY!!! Who are "we", you ask? Well, me (Gibbons), Riggs, and the life of the party, Intern FunPants. Riggs had the honor of seeing The Lonely Island on Friday....FROM THE FRONT ROW!!!!!...
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I Had The Time Of My Life..And I Owe It All To MKE Pride

When it comes to the Pride Parade and MKE Pride in general, EVERYONE is welcome. And that's just one of the reasons I had juuuuuust the right amount of fun. And I only say juuuuuust the right amount of fun because if I had any more fun, it'd be a fun OVERLOAD. Ya know what the best part about the...
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Sexual Assault Can Happen To ANYONE

Full disclosure: This blog post is 100,000,000% SERIOUS and I'm in no way, shape, or form trying to be funny. Okay, now that we've covered that I'm being real here...please allow me to ask a hypothetical question. What would happen if, at a crowded bar on a Friday night, a man grabbed a woman by...
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