KFC Releasing Fried Chicken and Donut Sandwich Nationwide

KFC is releasing their Fried Chicken and Donut sandwich nationwide beginning on February 24th. The limited-edition item features a battered cutlet between two hot glazed donuts.
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trust me...

4 Foods you can't trust based on their name alone.

I don't like foods that lie to me...I want to be able to trust the food that I put in my body. I'm not talking about the ingredients, I'm talking about their NAME that; doesn't make any sense, and is a contradiction!
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Pork, Romaine Lettuce and Other Recalled Food Items to Avoid on Thanksgiving

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, it's no secret that you want everything to go perfectly. Well, this is the time to give your pantry and fridge a quick once-over to make sure that you’re not serving anything that has been recalled by federal health officials. There have been several...
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a plate of buffalo wings

The Perfect Menu Items for Your 'Game of Thrones' Viewing Party

After 20 long months, the return of Game of Thrones isupon us. With the premiere of the eighth and final season on Sunday, the big question now is: What are you going to serve at your viewing party? But fear not, your Westeros-approved menu has arrived. Shall we have lemon cakes? Everyone knows...
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Shake Shack's Game of Thrones burger and shake

There Is a Secret Game of Thrones Menu at House Shake Shack

UPDATE: Good news Game of Thrones fans and burger lovers. Shake Shack annnounced today that the Dracarys burger and Dragonglass shake will be spreading like an army of white walkers across Westeros. Starting Friiday April 12 they'll be rolling out all over the country. Unless you’ve been living in...
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6 Delicious things in my freezer right now

6 Delicious things in my freezer right now. To celebrate March 6 National Frozen Food Day. So allow me to be quite possibly the first person to wish you a happy Frozen Food day! It's also National Oreo I can't NOT mention one of my favorite cookies... Most Stuf Oreos. Easily the greatest...
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What's it like to deliver for Uber Eats?

You knew it would happen someday - fast food delivered. Delivery services like DoorDash, Grub Hub, PostMates, and Uber Eats make getting some of your favorite foods brought to your front door a few swipes and taps away. If you've tried it before - its incredible. You want a Big Mac but don't want...
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5 positive Undigital distractions that start with "F"

the overhype of the new year has faded (good) but now what? We need a positive distraction that isn't in front of a screen... or several to get through the rest of winter. I came up with 5 and they sort of start with the letter "F"... I forced the "F" theme.... 1. Flowers (picture above from the...
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Cash In The Trash

A core principal of Sustainability is the reduction and, where possible, the elimination of waste. One of the easiest 1Things you can do is make yourself a promise to waste less food. It’s estimated that about half of all the produce raised in America goes to waste. Half. Let that sink in for a...
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QUIZ: Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

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