Brunch is the best, change my mind

Yes, Brunch IS the Best Meal of the Day and Here’s Why!

I’m told that ‘brunch is a waste of money’ but I couldn’t disagree more and here’s why!
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JMatt with egg yolk on his shirt

JMatt's Top 10 Brunch Spots in Milwaukee

We all know that you can't have brunch without an adult beverage or two, with that in mind - here are JMatt's Top 10 Brunch Spots in Milwaukee!
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Blue's Egg Could Be Coming to Shorewood

Bloodies? Mimosas? Monkey Bread? We are so in! Blue's Egg is a popular brunch resturaunt currently located at 317 N 76th St. and it has been revealed that a second location is in the works! Plans are not final, but if everything goes well the new location would be placed at 4195 N Oakland Ave. in...
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