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Mental Health Eggs

How to Better Support Each Other’s Mental Health

February 26 is #BeLikeableDay to spread positivity on the internet (a place where too much negativity exists) - you can make a difference! Leave a compliment on someone's Instagram post or share some gratitude for friends and family on Facebook - whatever positivity you want to share is completely...
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30 Day Instagram Story Challenge

Break The Stigma Around Mental Health

At the start of October, I began a 30 Day Insta(gram) Story Challenge to help Break The Stigma around mental health! Each day I showed the prompt and gave my honest answer in order to spread awareness around what it's like to have a mental illness. To my surprise, more than 20 people participated...
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Team Donalds Ducks at the AFSPs Out of the Darkness Milwaukee Walk

Reducing the Suicide Rate 20% by 2025

This past Sunday (October 14, 2018), I participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s (AFSP) Out of the Darkness Milwaukee Walk at Humboldt Park. I have been a mental health advocate for nearly two years now and though I knew of the walk last year, I was uncomfortable about...
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