What Will The Hottest Toy Be This Holiday?

November 7, 2017

© Fotoeye75 | Dreamstime


We've all got to face it eventually, the holidays are coming...fast.  With the slight chill in the air, you may think you have a ton of time before you need to get out there and shop, but Christmas will be here before you know it.  With Christmas comes long, long wish lists from your kids full of all the hottest toy items this season that you have to hunt down, store to store.  

From Hatchimals to Fingerlings, to Nintendo and Paw Patrol; there are some very popular brands that were in high demand last year that are even more so this year.  Hatchimals, eggs that contain a furry creature that responds to heat and voice, was considered one of the biggest toys last Christmas, but now the new Fingerlings, which are monkey's that go on your finger and react to you, are inching their way up the charts as well.  In this list of toys, we can also see some classics that are revamping into new styles and playsets, like Legos.  

To see the full list and just how popular they really are, click here!

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