What Do You Think About the 2017 Starbucks Holiday Cup?

November 6, 2017

ID 77590484 © Kritchanut | Dreamstime


It's here! The new holiday cup to hold all of your pumpkin spiced lattes. 

Every year there tends to be a big uproar about the holiday themed cup that Starbucks puts out. Someone, somewhere is always offended by the color or graphic on this holiday staple. Many of us remember the 2015 Starbucks red cup outcry where most people had declaring that the cup was not festive enough. Well this year Starbucks decided to get creative. They have designed a cup that allows customers to color it in themselves. It features things like snowflakes, presents, and even a Christmas tree. So tap into your inner artist this year when you secretly go to get that pumpkin spiced latte we know you love.

To check out this year's holiday cup click here