Not All Heroes Wear Capes!

October 19, 2017

© Niderlander | Dreamstime

There are still good people in the world. This woman empathizes with the homeless in Kenosha because she was in their shoes a couple of years ago. The hero, Arnetta Griffin, uses her own social security money to buy food for the homeless. Griffin has made it her mission to feed the homeless after a homeless shelter shut down in Kenosha this spring. People line up twice a day for Griffin who provides meals for lunch and dinner. A man who calls himself Squirrel sleeps in a dog house after the shleter shut down and even if he doesn't line up to receive the generous gifts, Griffin still finds him.

"Losing my job I couldn't pay my rent and we got evicted. We went to shelters, we stayed in shelters," claims Griffin. Her mission has been branded as a non-profit called God's Kitchen of Kenosha.

What a selfless act of charity! Check out the story here!