Confiscated Fake Uggs and North Face Jackets get sent to Hurricane Relief

October 18, 2017

ID 51290404 © Thejipen | Dreamstime


Last month, Franklin Police confiscated 40 pairs of boots and 310 jackets during the St. Martin's Fair and the clothing has been sitting still ever since. Rather than destroying the material, the station got permission from both North Face and Uggs to donate the boxes of goods to a hurricane relief organization.

The boots and jackets will be donated to Mana Ministries, which is a Milwaukee based Charitable Organization for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. At first we were a little confused about this since the average low temperatures of Puerto Rico tend to be in the 60s and 70s, but WeatherWatch 12 Chief Meteorologist Mark Baden tells us that there are mountainous regions that do get colder than that. 

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