Red Means Stop...So Stop!

October 10, 2017

© Lance Bellers | Dreamstime


Most of us have seen it at some point while driving; some person runs right through a red light and doesn't slow down at all.  This is becoming such a problem, and has caused some pretty horrific accidents, that Milwaukee is putting forth an effort to curb these reckless drivers.  On October 10th, the legislation for cameras to be installed at certain intersections to catch those drivers who don't think twice about blowing the lights will be introduced.  These cameras are to improve the safety of the roads, as people who run red lights are the cause of many traffic accidents.

Ashanti Hamilton, the Milwaukee Common Council president, is just one person pushing for this legislation because he says they'll be able to monitor these dangerous intersections on a continuous basis, while mailing tickets to those caught on camera breaking the law.  This idea has been brought up for many years, dating as far back as 2008, but is now making a comeback after the bad accident near 31st and Capitol that killed a mother and her child.  The driver that hit them had run a red light.

Many people believe that enough is enough, that something needs to be done.  To read more about this effort, click here for the whole story.