Is This Yearbook Photo Too Inappropriate?

October 5, 2017

© Spaceheater | Dreamstime


Eleanor Fitzwilliams, a senior at Verona High School, was recently told that her yearbook photo she'd submitted for the spread was too inappropriate to use.  A faculty member sat her down and told her that they wouldn't be using the photo and that she would need to take another.  Why was it considered inappropriate you ask?  In the photo, Eleanor is in a pretty yellow dress that exposes her bralette underneath just a bit.  She followed their request and took it down, but not before pointing out that there could be a double standard between what she submitted and what boys on the swim team had.  She thinks that if boys are allowed to be shown in the yearbook in what could be considered indecent clothing, the school should have no problem with her photo showing a small part of her undergarment.  

Do you see anything wrong with her photo, shown in the full article here, or do you think the school was right in asking her to resubmit?