'Man v. Food' Coming Back to Milwaukee

July 19, 2017

© Bhofack2 | Dreamstime.com

The food of Milwaukee is getting another stint in the spotlight - this time on national television.

'Man v. Food', the Travel Channel show that's getting a reboot with new host Casey Webb, is premiering a new season on August 7th. The second episode of the season, airing right after the season premiere, will take place right here in Milwaukee!

Webb is slated to consume a massive Bloody Mary garnished with an entire fried chicken at Sobelman's, a pork shank at Mader's, and a huge Reuben sandwich at Jake's Delicatessen - named "The Commish", after former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.

The show, in its previous iteration, came to Milwaukee in its fourth season.

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