Brenden Dassey Back In Court Tuesday Morning

Dassey Is Appealing His Murder Conviction

February 14, 2017

Brenden Dassey is currently serving time in Portage at Columbia Correctional Institution, but today(Tuesday morning), his fate will be in the hands of the U. S. Court of Appeals in Chicago.

The court will hear arguments Tuesday to help decide whether his conviction should be overturned. 

At the time of Teresa Halbach's murder, Dassey was questioned by investigators without his lawyer or another adult representative present. He recanted his original confession during his trial, but was still convicted.  He was sentenced to mandatory life in prison with a possibility of parole in November of 2048.

Dassey was denied when he first appealed, but then the airing of Making a Murderer drew attention to the case raising new public concerns about his confession being coerced. This past August a Federal Judge overturned Dassey's conviction.  The judge stated that "Dassey's confession was clearly involuntary."

In November the judge ordered Dassey's release, but Wisconsin Attorney General, Brad Schimmel filed an emergency motion to stop the release.

After that happened, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago blocked Dassey getting out of prison while the appeal is considered.  Should be interesting to see what happens in court!