Alley's Bachelor Blog Week 4

Alley gives her thoughts on the Milwaukee episode and much more!

January 25, 2017

Okay week 4......first of all, let me say that I'm NOT a fan of them doing the rose ceremony at the beginning of the episode.  I get that they are trying to leave you with a cliffhanger, but I'm more likely to not finish the epsiode when this happens!  Well anyway, let's just start with the drama.  Corinne.  She's annoying and tries too hard.  I think we can all agree on that.  And we all know she will be going home soon, so I'm not gonna focus on her ridiculousness too much! 

The best part of the show was that they were in Milwaukee/Waukesha for the whole episode!  I loved that. Seeing them at the Iron Horse, The Pabst, was all super cool!  The girl he went on the first one on one is bad I don't remember name??  Why are there so many girls still?  #annoying  But as I was saying....the Milwaukee stuff was cool....and the girl from the first date was cool, but I don't think she's winning. I mean...they obviously liked each other, but you can totally tell that he has a stronger chemistry with some of the other Vanessa....remember her?  Throw up and then kiss Nick girl?  lol...yeah, how could we forget.  I do like her a lot....she seems to have her stuff together, but I still love Danielle M from Germantown!  She's our hometown gal! 

I'm so ready to get down to the final 4.  or 6.  or 8.  ANYTHING but 15 women I can't keep track of.

And if you missed our show this week, then you might have missed it when we had Nick's ex, Amber on with us.  She "ran into him" while they were filming and appeared on the show this week....if you missed it, don't an listen to the whole interview right here!  I had lots to ask.....was her appearance set up or no?  Does she think Nick is a douche?  Find out what she had to say below!  

So until next week.....

Bachelor Nick Viall's Ex Amber Allan In Studio WI.mp3

Find out the inside scoop on Amber's experience filming The Bachelor.