Alley's Bachelor Blog WEEK 2

Alley's Gives Her Thoughts On This Season

January 10, 2017

Okay.  Where do we begin!  Week 2.  I gotta tell you....there are still WAY too many girls for me to remember most names, but I think we can all agree a few have stuck out.  First off...Corinne.  Oh, Corinne.  You poor girl.  You are so cute.  You seem smart.  So WHY are you throwing yourself at this man with so much sex appeal??  You want to marry this man, but all you do is try to have sex with him when you see him!  Girlfriend!  While I do envy their chemistry, I have to tell you that I think we all know she will get the clip halfway through the season once Nick realizes he can sleep with all the women, not just her.  lol!  

Now on to our Germantown girl, Danielle M. She is just the cutest thing and I love that these two are getting along.  I also love all the Wisconsin references on the show but I have to listener said it best on my Facebook....If two people from Milwaukee were going to meet, why didn't they just join Tinder?  Fair point!  LOL!  

I was glad that he sent Liz home....that whole thing was weird and I was glad he called her out for "just wanting to be on tv".  She came there for the wrong intentions(I mean in HER mind I'm sure she really liked him) but let's be real.....once he got chosen as the Bachelor she wanted him because he was popular again.  So BYE Liz!  Hope you start picking men for the RIGHT reasons...not the wrong ones.  Nick needs a fresh start so booting her was the way to go.  I liked him a little more when he stood up for himself and sent her packing. Should be interesting next week to see the reaction from the women to him sleeping with Liz.  So until next week....