Your Over-The-Top Halloween Friend

Monday, October 16th

Since his birthday is 4 days before Halloween, Gibbons has been obsessed with the 31st of October since birth. Which friend do you have who's over-the-top crazy when it comes to Halloween?


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She missed it the first time. An Alley every line Halloween season and we'll that chance yes it is Simmons is. Over the top college personnel would say oh my god gap. And we all have a over the top hollowing person or family or someone that we know that the friends 7991037. Quake in Texas 71037. When I lived in nine Chattanooga had a friend that lived in just south of us in Atlanta and he had 111000. Dollars a Halloween decorations and sheets he had a whole story June and that he. Rented out here around. Paid fifty dollars a month for this storage shed to keep all of his Halloween stuff wow he had the most ridiculous Halloween parties. Everything stops about she's deadly little nightmare before Christmas train sets. But they'll text Ellington thing was a laser on how to Michael's stated perhaps so much to Michael's son Charlie says listen necessary. That's is absurd DNA you have the Halloween from the over the top of the decorations. We're gonna knows what's your retreating. What did you stuff that I might not. Nothing and not paying my birthday is October 27 yeah so for my entire life I like the month of October Halloween C shower in my favored by Paul. You would resentment on no way at ten model for your birthday dude I get to give birth they present a one day and then four days later I get all the candy I can meet its. It's not to mention scantily clad women only get that soon. And and a big prizes and candy hey ladies. Make good choices kissed the top. Church that this is seriously that's for some people Halloween is like their Christmas like they get all our. We are gonna talk to those people or if you know of them 7991037. The over the top Halloween person in your life regarding carb to pump jet jet like seven outside your apartment or writers to carved in three seasons already did this lady I am I yeah. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.