Your Father's Dadisms

Friday, June 16th

As part of an ongoing celebration of Father's Day, we discussed special things that our fathers said as we were growing up. We call em Dadisms!


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Rigs and now they re whining. Par is this weekend to teach you forgot the war if he didn't forget and we already know open. It's kind of stuff you Dan Ellis he's saves but moms had their mom things that Dan Ellis had their dead things in my dad was always concerned with night. Attitude. I was asking if I needed an attitude adjustment to really review bad attitude kitten. I was at sec has to kind of a Smart ass and I was tickets Eminem and always use words like he called me a whites and Hines are all the time. Don't light and timer I don't know that's a German thing can be utilized items I'll do. Quit being allies and timer and why isn't hiring going straight for a knuckle sandwich she would always do that on me as well my dad my dad was the limits and does my mom never Dan you know my dad is like being forced error on my mom was like generic term. Oh my gosh are we were in the Carter station wagon all three of us in the back you. Yeah we did our family. We had a big station wagon he turn themselves. I got this guy over and not god asks why you which means I cannot slot literally am. Now like it's a maturity thing but that's what he would take a stance and I get that right now. So let's kind of stuff did you daddies to say on the tenth hole 147991037. That stuff your dad put Ellis eulogy of his sayings well first things first threw eggs I looked up. Wise and timer and it is in the Miriam Webster dictionary as these persons who behaves in the irritating lease smuggler and fashion that. Typically by making clever remarks and displaying their knowledge and I'm very clever as a child very Smart ass suckers. Just Florida. So shocker when I was younger the girls didn't like me a lot right and I'll always go to my dad how to like charm the ladies and he would go son loose and you like a girl. Just ask her out you know lied to Germany here know a lot lighter so. And one another to know who cares just gulf port for the stars didn't make added lighting man it's words. Announcer from time yes I don't know. The F does that weigh in and out there I'd come out and. Hiding my OCD about time comes from my father as well. Call by the way tells your dad sat down 4147991. Of seven but that is what we got here well my dad was very punctual he'd like to leave. If he's ever reliving its seven we relieving at saddleback he's not a hero Greek about tiny yes and finally here so it's 655 tubular we quit dot lengths. Getting it out of here used Donnelly all the time that we need to Delhi to 7 o'clock we leave at seven you know what happened in my house luckily relate. Raise your. House stick your cell loss. That was wondered where mom is eloquent wish your mother where's your mother my dad was a time free Julien still this phrasing that I use all the time Curley is on time high of one time is late and lead is unacceptable and that may have anxiety. All of that there are friends and I played everything Derrick just tolerated. Does it rarely plays later. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.