Your Dumb Tattoo Stories

Wednesday, November 8th

Riggs & Alley don't have any tattoos...but Gibbons sure does and most of them are DUUUUMB!! Check out this clip to hear the story behind one of his dumbest tattoos. What's Your Dumb Tattoo Story?!


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This is a Sally rewind. We discussed yesterday about stratex in his. That's catches may be just a bad tend to experience again at 7991037. Perhaps as he regrettable that it I was about NIC people that tattoos now into their thirties he can telly did it when they were really young and looks bad again. MI all additionally it. What I got that in our got ever somebody yells yeah. Givens is the only one in the room side from our intern Sammy who has a giant tattoo on her best. That's yes that giant task he'll likely use Afghan. Givens the other bad tattoo story badly 799103. Seminary in just Texas to 71037. Are you guys text you when he hears the one I got when I was drunk on Marty Roth for the one that I got that represents a college that I never went to. College you never lets you please go to your vote. This probably someone frantically waiting to call us that has the Chinese right out there and back it says courage Nino it says waffles. Sorry episode I was in high school I always hung out with a college crowds in my senior year of high school when we go to Drexel University who drank all the time my senior year I'm workings at the mall my buddies commend the yelled. Britain Drexel University drew crew tattoos do you and it's the Drexler university drew Chris we call ourselves price adults sure are men so I got done might shift at the mall. I shouted to the mall and on my arm I got a tattoo that says GUBC. Representing the Drexel University who. I don't apply everywhere I think people out Hewitt mean all the time what you say is about a two dudes used by chicks I mean at all kinds of push it to the school is this Drexel University brew club is it a natural thing they have. I was immature drunk media frenzy and I don't know who who went to the school one of my cousin is the only person who went to the school I. Very leery of colleges for letters sent to its UCLA. Eat I'll be UNLV. We outlets your eye the do you BC the George university. I mean that if the senate UW add the IR I very AG CO wary. Oh yeah. Ha ha ha yeah universities whose four letters. My gosh. I can't help get out that annoys me Cindy monopoly Fuzzy advantages for what happened. I am of firefighter. This. Media and saying thank you. And up like whenever it's funny I had I didn't read it yet they have a slight Eric's. Spike stared coming out my. You can tell you where you are if firefighter rehab. Yeah are okay. To transcend classic might as well be a fire coming. I don't know. I got a guy. Friend that has a male trance at the content to adults and grunting. An old guy though on the back it's horrible voice you don't truth yeah thankfully we have to. I get the arrow there I didn't think the thank Cindy is in the golf. You go girl attacked firefighters said the one of 37 got a text what is it. I got shamrock so my stomach when I was seventeen on a cal from a guy who just got out of prison under my skin had a reaction to think that we use like a text. A lull. Not so lucky at all. Don't ever get this she tattoo on somebody's couch right did it in the first red light every shot what is wrong with you one more one more my sister and a tramp stamp when she was sixteen in someone's basement it was cool then but now to the big blob of black ink gets all blocks you know and even. Like couches in basements and all the people that got people's names on their body in the they broke up didn't wanna call and dialogue how stupid of a bright one today over had gotten it actually come up actually broke a six weeks. Dated a guy named ship. Nick and chipped it letting their four letter name should pick to guiding deck in Michigan just changed the first letter yeah. Yes Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.