Your Crazy Black Friday Stories

Tuesday, November 14th

You won't believe the crazy stuff Gibbons saw while working retail on Black Friday. Actually, maybe you WILL believe it. Listen here!


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She missed it the first time. And knowingly lying next week as Black Friday of course. Black Friday a big day for shopping. So don't given used to work in retail by the left. Long long time ago back in the day dear Laura if it's. I never worked in retail during Black Friday but I am certainly Ben shopping during Black Friday which I'm sure many people have so 7991037. Those the numbers. Given what did you see during Black Friday do you see anything in this insane as far as people like you were re what did you work by the way a best buy armor to desperado I wish him all the craziness happens is people are knocking themselves over for tea. Decent one year that I was there I worked in the loss prevention department who was the guy who says hi when you walked in and when you Levy says by Ali and a source Java and dude yes. You never lived or seen the horror involved in two grown women. Fighting over an iPhone it was 2007. When the iPhone first came out yeah and I kid you not this made maybe Nash it was a local news maybe national news because one middle aged woman. Dallas to another middle aged ones I ball out of her head in the middle of the store over an iPhone I kid you not I shall make. Mayors I turn iPhone pretty icon what I've yes Sevilla yeah oh my god out of the woman's eye out some real stories this have to watch it happened fifteen Tina front and it was horrifying. 7991037. Rightness Texas 71372. This season than those are Black Friday before and nobody was really involved know do we. In the mean dignity in the woman in the other lady was in the ambulance that was all he let that work itself out yeah I and then you come in afterwards and arrest those totally I didn't go to jail them. And give them the help they need is often as they do. And Ben shopping on Black Friday but the only thing that I saw was a grown man yell at an elderly woman about sealing. His parking spot a rule it was a cast mall is random mall and Indianapolis. And he yelled at a woman for stealing his parking spot nose like that woman is like seventy years old write a letter apart there it's no human race at risk it's Black Friday and parking spots are right eye and added premium on Black Friday may be it was a fight over a parking space navy was a fight over a toy or whatever happened. I thought we would know what happened you on the Black Friday if it's happened to you in the past 7991037. Or maybe your plotting and black clad hot and I'm sure we don't now rose in Milwaukee what happened you on Black Friday. I have got back article by. And happy and wave their arms back into the over the air frank went on between Canada and load. And actually don't get me no way on a diet for the first pick people that Lockett don't. Outs. So I would like spoken line whenever I'm always like one of the first couple people in line. Yeah I know what a hundred bucks. People were like kind of embellish it and there was a group of. I don't know until high schooler now call it whatever electronic piece that they were trying to excel. Don't in my opinion you're hot chocolate and. Shall not even on the line. You're lying yet tanker contract while we're waiting in line out on. The hole and I can look at hot chocolate look like a blocker copyright and we argued a dollar. Twenty minutes later we don't have. We doubled heavily armed panic. A lady would get mad and Kelly added he'll push you walked over there and you know where I chocolate get a machine every report to camp what it. Only lose more. An amateur at our money back that started it with a theme Lady Gaga the fight in the door. Slight. Oh my the police calls. You learn not to the ground it was cool area sister. Dolly just it's just. I didn't get my fitness. And it was a he's out and that girl like that was trying to help put you she does goodbye etc. are trying to get ballot. And the commander of the bracket getting complained they look every route she's going to be a real really wearing that people could. And get Arnie talked to one another. Be out of that or they are getting that big burly guys. And one of the ladies elated actually got our our money back for an if she gets set. You know why do you keep coming over trek don't get rid of the people that getting here for a cap and are trying to tackle shall. She garnered her younger culture could be more than fourteen you're such a prominent injured are you buying blank and come back. What that is yeah OMB. Calcium Black Friday. Yeah I know that there were little lady had got a little Internet and start wearing out her. Some double clearing next Beckett. Human decency goes out the window and watch frank how easy and it really does. You gonna tell other caddie. And dad come back now at the wind finally lord and again come to look for the lady you know like oh my cat and likely to let me guess I I'll get. That's a crazy Black Friday story listeners. Out of the gate Garros who. The front about it when the lady got got a man awaited car can't escalating out not Turkey the ground. Broke her stuff that you Bob I mean actually it and everything like that it would be huge things at least her car about five count them up chili now. The only member of technically be Bailey came out of the disabled lady. As the please don't have anything else today don't see him all right but I. I don't like a week is over a hundred bucks you guys admiral Craig. Let's put a dollar hack job when we got it bad but they've been wired wrong and neck. Our elected state dumping turret like you'd pick where a country like oh no daddy I did not like you argue. And the witnesses right here Holland lines cheese arrows stings your call rose that we give crazy Black Friday stories man Jenny in Milwaukee what's your crazy like Friday's story. I did not say I love you guys. Did. I'm so. I think black Freddie is absolutely crazy. Girl. The well here according to confirmed that common data caught every single year as captain last year Barack cold. And I added just tearing my humor ache she queried them I'm amber and bombs. At the didn't like eighty year old lady and a wheelchair curing and already a black. Yeah if the wind picked up. Don't sense it would probably crowded in the store each employment eighty year old woman she wasn't really what did you do it intentionally did she look at him in the eye grimace and then rollover is slept like a man act. But about heart then she said oh watch out where that adheres all his. She played around dues yeah I can tell Yahoo!. Your old highlighted his stuff like that you've earned the right I'd sure eyes are. I thought I thought I made her columns linked to appreciate you listen I'll do what Markoff from Tracey instead Alice which you're crazy Black Friday story can avoid these are insane seriously. I've. The we were in my act toy Tyrod. Is an MI gap. Creepy ad. Oh they were in line for like three hours waiting to get in the all star line. Wrapped around the building and like only out to the street I am a lot of it and it. And there are people that it all up right it's quite a stir it up okay and global. Ad you know they. All had a child out and expired at and it has to be late at least thirty people. When he was a clown car that's a hot topic that I. Okay here at all they try to cut in the head and you guys you've been there for three hours of what happened. Great day. Bobby Rush the door they were all waiting at the door in our area rather that you know getting MRI of her. And all that the app can't AP play our employees spot it and caught the police and delayed opening and those are not a party. How much do you. It was probably it's freezing cold out there wasn't. Crawl now mental health torturous a closet and what we would line for by the way did you and of getting your deal for Black Friday deals that you wanted to. We gently got a freebie B pat. On the gas. Our guests to the freezing impediment Glenn and had to tackle that gas station call I appreciate you this is raising good lord be careful out there be a decent human on Black Friday don't feel like he's crazy idiots aren't. Rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.