You Found Out WHAT On Social Media?!

Tuesday, October 10th

Gibbons had to find out on Snapchat that Mamma G is engaged again. What's up with that?! What did YOU find out about on social media?!


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I rigs and Alley rewind so when your deliver in big news you like to do it in person or may be do it over the phone or maybe a text message right that's the formal way to deliver big news yeah. You wouldn't want to find out about something like an engagement on snap Chad. Oh yeah. Commercial free hour kiss FM this happened to frank given yesterday yeah. Get a gauge each other sent chat mom jeez your mom so the other day don't sit home minding my business for the my life I get a bunch of snap chat messages from listeners and the like congratulations like five and Rona Mike. Thank you I think get back together comic book. You about in the early due to technology snap Chad let's there's follow your mom of course he's hysterical so I told my mom snaps ever say tips. Thomas yeah yeah and knowledge is on snatch editor concert gone clear back to get there will be engaged they get the ball then Cheney again and she's never. Tell me about this done including about it and called yesterday and she never set award about an hour early on did you which is we're not going to turn to bring up now associated dude stats are talking about sass said I'm here engage Israeli. On the givens and us heads into its twits does she says so yeah. Right it's like I tell you said earlier eggs some guy yeah grades what did you find out about the only news wise and social media 799137. Oregon Texas 7103 my best friend was. And about a house and I didn't I putted up I'd. The scene after a divorce like a new house she's like really I found out about a house on FaceBook how did it on Tuesday I forgot yeah. How bacteria there. Iphones are excited about my sister's boyfriend's and so. We can and you know not only gonna tell you -- the Big Brother to you gonna tell me now should be able to prove these guys taken my sister and cousin of one anonymous sisters with good guys minute ascent to so 71037. You can text us or call us 7991037. The most horrifying thing I ever found out was that are in turn placed Pokemon Dow. Hi mom I sold out. Are you Bernard a writer 00 a horrible thing did you discover until completed half. Got to punch it Texarkana my niece was born on FaceBook. Here's your sister Rachel and I got on well I. I thought oh my sister was pregnant for the fourth time on things look here's the fourth time yes that's okay that a sport tennis anti regulation does I'm sorry that we need an announcer for pork gravy no doubt I found out the my sister was pregnant and engaged and I didn't even know she had a boyfriend on the east west. Powell like ninety fiancee you know that was gonna last so what did you find out about and so should mean the big news Arianna good morning your walk shall what did you find out about on social media. Good morning that it wasn't hurt force pregnant. And feel of actually your very expert pregnancy and you're my sister. Your sister didn't tell you she was pregnant. Yeah I know she looked like expect seven month then why should you. And you have just keeping it from everywhere and one nation has posted a picture of her. Started. Okay three wide why was she keeping a secret there's more to the story. You actually pretty yacht she looked like eighteen and nine. Times yes I'm married and she was is why he's. Well that's why there are no I want it now are she's Embraer has since you guys make up since. Good. Bury the hatchet yeah. Thanks appreciate less insulin Hamad Mallory is in Germantown good morning what are you the big news you found out about a social media what was it. Good morning my yacht Thelma I have and actually have enough army and about a month I thought they got. It on them when they are not they are getting the white. I have another wife found out our hand court but about after they bought a party out of her husband in the moment at a stop on the. Okay you. I didn't say that I 80 my goodness you is why why did you tell C ranks. Well don't you got home before the other day that and eat and then what about. But then when all other countries all lose although I like. The military your mama yeah. But basically make high school and then you taste your husband all those guys for servant for us again. Might moderate restaurants are husbands and our says in North Carolina and it's like constant drama with all the wives on shore now if it was Eric Eric ball. All day shed their presidents are gonna all the time now they're humbled them for the I don't know can't cottage and hold it sounds communications she holds it down one Markoff from Lucy good morning with the big news you found out about and social media. I've. My grandma yet and the. All did you know that it was. He's got deep rationale wishy old did you know that it was coming. I'm an issue it let you know it can't I know that yet at. Not yet it's Anthony an a hole about ES. Did you put that out on FaceBook that's terrible. Thanks for ending up alone and year out this is learning solicit I'm now my grandma I don't think they put in order goals from there. Lenny Larry does play out I'm gonna have. This is why I told Newsday. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.