Worst Weddings Ever

Wednesday, September 13th

Is there anything worse than a super boring wedding?! Gibbons didn't get invited to a "friend's" wedding, but he didn't mind after hearing how super boring it was!


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She missed it the first time. Now he realized the worst weddings ever. There's and in letting the distant crap that goes down relating to tell us you to join Tumblr FaceBook page can learn to drive right now face the tech com slash just Milwaukee. Give us and it's horribly boring wedding and he was talking about a whole mighty god won't happen. All right so I have a guy or radio friend who like my first couple years industry was a mentor. She decided he's getting married to would chick didn't mean a couple of my friends have already had our way with the right now so we didn't let me know the wedding the first post about hurt as little pissed like a moment of the wedding what the hell. And then I see photos and videos and eyewitness reports in this wedding and you guys it was seriously the most boring wedding ever. Now what they did the cliche thing no offense to you reached at you've done it I've done it to where they had a friend officiate the wedding right eye now now so when you have. And do it normally you take your side and crazy friend who's gonna say some kind of. All the wall stuff nobody laughed yeah I appreciate the wedding it was crazy it was sons Shays. Minister pilot for higher Sergio are rigged asked Sherry a word this friend of mine picked up former boss of mine. Who is he most monotonous. Boring. Old set the tone demands and friends die and I also and to clear eyes guy can only imagine. Do you view. Steve's. Take this woman would turn out Rebecca what he did Norton. I know it's he had a full more. Playing better as to what he's seventeen dog he's staying together in light anyway right you're getting out defame these or two people. Don't have money who make a good living yeah they're little hit sisters those they had their wedding in this tiny ass brewery where while the ceremonies going on while this guy's having the biggest moment of his waits with his bride everyone around him is sitting at their tables eating dinner. She's like act and I said proselytize an interest in early uninteresting my oh my god you guys as you're telling this story now. We got a message from eight listener doubts and I half. To read it to you now please god let me hold this up because I saw the beginning out and now I'm duck out I saw was my husband pulled a gun on a grooms mental. And I pledge pull. I hope all my husband told him you found a figure there is required to exit ED zero Riggs is outfit today yeah right. It's Jamie that's all she wrote my ex husband pulled a gun and grooms the minute weddings that would then to actually get excited. Underlying tone to bananas Amazon pulled and Warren took a look at Casey Ellis. Somebody you do the ceremony kiss the bride and the bride and groom law get togethers man husband for the first time and everybody stands in applause than sometimes even there was a rice sat them. Scene that got away at CNET that are sitting around there's nobody clapping there's no excitement there's no emotion of the people still married by the way I did. So what my job the clock is ticking directed really and career adding that element at an LA is flat to wed. The Ferrari yeah yeah yeah. And it's known and it's funny because when I doubt it is eating I was like. Wrote your your dating I played that you play your game this girl I Stacy out of a fake name because. Oh yeah notice these issues to work in the promotions human on my prime minister he saw so has I don't know who's John we on those streets and. We'll continue it is the worst wedding talk and are faced with life here right now. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.