Worst Gift You Received

Thursday, December 8th

Gifts are golden...except when they suck! What's the worst gift you've ever received?!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. Tis the season to start receiving gifts. Sometimes you get a gift from somebody they annoy you with the guillotine scene athletic terrible get some sorts itself 4147991037. We posed the question deal in the motion terrible or inappropriate gift that you've received since its. This is what to four point 479 IR. 1037. Tally he never got an inappropriate gift like when you didn't do its dividend he never a secret senate here having. I didn't want us to have had decent inappropriate now. Was down and ordered gift cards out and now it was like a total gift card them. I think he's playing now that's currently it is and it's actually the worst I ever got was a gift card you know that's good in theory get to go by whatever you want. I got it from my grandmother when I was thirteen years old and I was IQ which he used to win the second who the hell's Gary it was interesting Gary. Jerry hello populate pop a fifty dollar gift card Sam goody on the sand yeah. You have Paul now I was IQ original vital business cede power. And to this day every Christmas and every every holiday we're ready to Carter gift cards now ramp up among. Who's going to be commuter Gary and it's funny there's a Gary in my family. I wanna know. Can work up again just grandparents on your candidate relate they forgot his name a debate on a talent they thought it was scary secret Brian good morning Jacinto was the most an appropriate ridiculous gift you received. Yeah I carry you carry out pastors that latter can't quite friendly sport itself and it kind of at that higher. Out Deanna. In the hill today. I would why. Did you look at it and go oh we never Saxon from an old man. I that what is this. Fact I dollar that would. And how he ginger Chan David at we tried once this is not the kind got a true. What exactly after sex Hansen is like what cancer or you aren't it's an excuse to sell yeah break. I had like one of those things that the ear infection thought Barrett. And get away again you have to know. Only do blogs that you and now at what they thought I want ends and. It did have good days to see what it's sexist. And you got it thanks for Colin thank you for god that's like the gift I give this really for me but. Lingerie and to make it much less money coming literally Larry I guess offend aborting the most inappropriate or horrible gift you Dallas watched. I'm my mother. And I'd go to Eric. Glow in the dark body paint or what. That's weird. I error unexpectedly. I had. Not that. I hope my mother on the net gives me everything for sacks just nine after a I'm Scott. Or at street right. Robert. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.