What's Your Good News - We Went Viral

Friday, August 17th

A meme created for Riggs & Alley went viral and is now all over the internet. Internet fame = GOOD NEWS!!!!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie every line one of three point seven kiss FM's rigs and Alec these guys who you talk about this yet we went viral but we went viral when he. Viral. Member of that you know when that first day school comes everybody does their first day of school picture that. The sideline it. In front of that school or right how gas. What I've made a mock one of us a couple years ago or just an empty sidewalk and into the first day of school take for people without kids down it was just an empty sidewalk when passing there just to be goofy because I don't have careless Heidi like hash tag rigs Alley on it. It was reused. By an organization in Alaska want her father's. Voice. They couldn't disagree taken that same picture where they're adults like we did with our time but they did not that's Sarah so instead I see Alaska fathers' rights movements I. I saw that image somebody attacking you hit it says. Visit for many fine businesses with the first Disco will look like this year their children and alienated from now you know why. Reinhardt are all given basically seven charity does does help yeah there's immersed in resource for men that yeah trouble getting their kids. Steals our picture and I think he's not at its Internet gambling law reform and Jane. Every corner rich quick I just made it a good. I don't even know why he's got picked up the delay AM picture here is there anything I can share like 2500. I'm it's our name on song like I read publisher. God he went viral in Alaska. Now we don't know what organization we don't know or admin is on his rights movement and Alaska that's what we're on the Internet and on and on viral evolving we made you guys. We made a few others in Alaska write Levi Johnson did he act now to I'm not. One of my good friends lives in Alaska had some kids James Andre just just pulled the land Jones on ten something in Alaska Manchester central valley what's your guess is my guess is that am I hair color yesterday which it needed to be diamonds. I'd miss solve all summer Y and it's longer wait long. In this slot and I like he's at or near that is it's never been a slow down extensions or something now no good now I just never had hairs that is a lot different I can tell the little look at is how. Highlight of the matter once you down to Washington she what do you Wear down today and I was like okay. And that's gonna happen as I get a hold and I don't know I hope she doesn't really mean she's just shall I. Our best to do it so I'll leave it. But I economical certainly do a little croissants and haven't had a little lunch lady get your hair colored guy doesn't have its full effect until you wash it after the facts don't get an hour is are you pleased as light laid out I've no make up a lot of my hair is pulled back so down. Give me lately but it made about a but it Dow and picture of what is up again as you look like and about your. I hope so yeah. You really blonde hair like this don't wash U out. Okay your faith obviously they are delighted I am excited raging on public enemy and achieve and let's get out of that nice. Necessarily get your groove back did I now fabulous. Italians Portuguese and ask speaking of getting her groove back might get must my buddy films look at the craziest first day of any vacation in history. We left the radio station yesterday I got home might go to take my dog out for a walk I come back to my apartment Phil's gone. Five hours later you come back after he had a tryst with some girl that he realm of go to a bar later that night I get a call at 2 in the morning. You still won't take. Oh boy did he did only two chicks yesterday I know we got Roman wanna I don't know about the second because she's I mean he came home and was in no shape to be. Seriously are you surprised you're good sure in the afternoon I got there was a jacket and I thought I'd. His show is live now they're spending like five hours to get there which means these women think it's gonna be more than that. Oh man anyway so our drew the check migrate to fill the last the last when I let my house still alive and well I think he's still there is good news yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.