What's Your Good News - Wayback Wednesday, Meals and Tears

Wednesday, November 8th

Chef Alley is on a hot streak in the kitchen, Riggs is psyched for Wayback Wednesday, and Gibbons cried TWICE last night. Good News all around, yo!!!


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An Alley where I. In case you missed it the first time out three point seven kiss FM the morning it's rigs and Allie he has a good news is on the day. Visits to the there was good news show I had my goodness this is a way that Wednesday. And I look forward I love it blowing the lid off of the radio today with us when it rigs similar to what you are. Say the Backstreet I've definitely knows for sure until tonight and feel a little bit Janet little Virginia Ohio Tony maybe or maybe a little bit. We'll see we'll see what it takes us all heated up as it's called a seven way that Wednesday freaking cold up this morning right away in the twenties yet. It's freezing you need a graph for her for real winner I would back any kind of what are contest marks. To a double back to achieve every goal outside got to meet a bigger coat and I love yum you're my good news items three nights in a row people. Three and know that Iran. It what's fantastic dec. This Sunday night when I make an aids hot browse to Monday night I made spaghetti and Italian sausage. And last night it made pork chops and scallop potatoes these are you weren't there Gibbons I have now when I saw way. I hate to loose screws are just let them. And job my kids won't touch it governor my six year old marketing you're gonna need a very good about they would demand it is neat yeah leftovers. The workshop legged chicken nugget yeah it was shaken make them easy to check it out on the second day. If it tastes go to my porch but the best thing you've ever team. And I know its growth in the okay got a bad habit of just literally nobody does that hurt nobody nobody owns or has. All the details I go. I would deal for my mom to mix how did you. Oh you are so spoiled and stupid hot dogs and macaroni and cheese that you get even appreciate theology data you know didn't really hit you in the face or you might child Isabella Emma. I cut my eighth I'm starting to LA after Katrina and Iraq. I'm excited about it. History challenger congressman Lloyd cannot get out and meet his bat right I messed it up I put it into a sound and I don't cook a pot grows too and I messed this one up Diana. I just virtue and all hard. They aren't. He's let me get a chronic. But I don't you that he there it is so we know he's an amazing guy that was a bad economy to blame it on me while I'm gonna get out or not. Zero and two anymore right actually cooks out demons what you did is my good news I watch you Rick flair documentary less Diana and I only cried twice a good. When guys talk about surviving a plane crash alternate player first of all you talk about like people know we as Rick everybody knows reflect visa sixteen time world champion OK he's a great wrestler of the you death in my life and sort of Briggs agrees over flares a legendary wrestler and two time W two timeouts are two time. WW hall of Famer and they didn't they stay on ESPN NM last night thirty for thirty documentary and I cried only twice this is just big talk winning world title do you kid died I would. No world title it's scripted wrestling gymnasts are actually he won a world title below and I saw him out on given Jesse's talking about this document. Idyllic times and married 9 o'clock tonight I was like you're gonna stand until like 1030 and I documentary is IKEA. When your done work and attend worth every story that oh my god yes thank. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.