What's Your Good News - Trips Are Planned!

Thursday, April 26th

Gibbons bought flights for his upcoming trip home and Riggs is taking a road trip this weekend! GOOD NEWS all around!!


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I rigs and Ellie rewind one of three point seven kiss FM two rigs and Alec in mourning the Mardi Martin we have good news is at today. Well our Thursday that's the first good news here dramatic stuff all day long maybe some old school Backstreet Boys to continue to see them this morning at 7 o'clock. Fred absolutely. Yes good news given Smart good. Good news is that there's no backing out. The latest books Tom Dolan back. His Jersey in June and I can't back out some communities like in dire fly get rid of obviously the driver I figured out it's good causes like. Maybe twenty dollars more and save us two days are travel a whole lot of headaches nights just fly they're gonna put killer in camp out loud just enjoy it. Is pretty mean mean my girlfriend's been referenced come and yeah I would take it again and again no no no no no. Always tell them we love them. This trip to Jersey with a new kind of thing that generally given some of the kids he loved to McCrory told the girlfriend yeah. She is Dario had your arguments that the okay see this story you can think that the can relive that this supplementary seven kiss FM and these Al. Our farmers are sugar okay my good news is that this weekend we've sort of play the road trip for go to Minneapolis OUR yes I think we're gonna rent a car. Is I don't wanna put in more miles on my car and started you know and I tell our parents I know put ads running an extra hour. Our peers are to get nervous about taking a long distances you guys. I don't think it Enrique can take define marriage anymore to the white have a new car again kind of joy gigahertz and lending take her parents that. When her pressured to go long distance is Ian why. Cannot say don't take your targets across sucks. The Mike Arizona when did you get your and also warehouses according to the terrorism break escape. He's glad that. Riggs and Elliott Briggs it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.