What's Your Good News - Trick Or Treaters

Monday, October 30th

Alley spent her Sunday Trick-Or-Treating with her kids and Riggs FINALLY had a kid Trick-Or-Treating at his house. Good News all around!!!!


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Rigs and Alley rewind good news you guys get your news. Forty years of living in our house and our little tiny little off the beaten path neighbor has got major trading a one trick or treat. Doc is going to know its chances are part and on the figure out exactly yeah 7 o'clock at night I'm half dressed in my getting very close and I did it. Hallway and it's Selig. Our door there's like a glass window and you can see there's this woman holding your child next door neighbor with a little two car. I guess yeah I was on how to dress and Wonder Woman is little girl I. Oh I owning an LA LA got what it lets you distribute GM AI yeah. Any candy hold out. Hindi version three years ago yeah. Yeah generally jail those specific caveats and can anybody else has like. Street that's why itself again and there's not a tiny little labor idea Twilight Zone sugar traitor to my good news that. I would sugar to realize that might care yeah New Berlin and it was awesome and they got lots of candy yeah and you hear about the way we train a lot easier to win. On the minute the now like candy even days well I tell them they can't happen it's great if there. Yes one after dinner mom takes the yeah. Objects very moderation here outside the and Michigan is my goodness that while you guys for having triggered traders and how trick or treating death. I was at home of the celts doing nothing because I was so come over from the birthday weekend coach when I survived the birthday we don't just like good news. Guys good yes I guess it's still not collagen or a drug got to go to meetings grab your. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.