What's Your Good News - Time Lapse Video, Pool Time and Coyote Sighting

Wednesday, July 11th

Riggs created a time-lapse video for the first time, Alley spent time in the pool and Gibbons saw a coyote on his way to work!!! GOOD NEWS!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie relying on every point seven Josef sanitary finale. Good morning kind of first for good news to them really it is yeah I had to do something yesterday and I've never done before so I've always wanted to do it. Always in my whole life I've seen them on the Internet and finally did. He's seen those videos work people cook stuff they do really fast motion it's time lapse video yes when they speed up the cooking so yes. 32 video on somebody cooking for two hours I did I would have fruit bowl. Undergraduate allied I'd I'd lapse video. Meet chopping fruit and making it through the couple split bottom of the neatest thing government put it together and I'm like I'm very high humidity you're. Minutes time lapse through videos so proud in my cellar we see this video has the latest Graham ball. I can't write well Chris I can't flakes. Let's video what I have done Alley as late equivalent of your child join a picture he had to put it on your refrigerator pretend you like it I'll go to my rigs radio in the Gramm. Give it a double tap him vomit your life it's all I'm asking you. And I'm very proud of my video. So much it was a delicious fruit volatile don't play thirty odd minutes to make this a 42 video. 35 minute. He's second the beautiful thing on the net of the system. Admitted I didn't time that's good video but our time was or goodness don't givens Guile. OK I honestly I don't know my good news is good news or health of the knob but it was something I've never seen before and I'll tell. I'm driving down the size objects from north Jackson street this morning trying to get to work downtown now. And I see a freaking coyotes the title to. Do you share it was a real coyote did you see that that Milwaukee lions do remotely damn sure individuals are put. Looks like that the Brookfield two here and doing well it was a real joke clearly a couple must have check guidelines that Chaplin and second really. What do you see it was at least match that same tell everyone radio given good check out my staff jets are a C on our and I got the I com. I don't I gonna arms on the looks at you you finally get my food danger Michael here pales in this and how to. I want to look at the coyote taking offense are different cell. I accept a couple guys I haven't answered that went your injury and I didn't see this through time and my sentiments as you know I'm. Just this isn't a coyote yes. Show us your coyote video here Richard Williams shipments. Kind of video right now what is your what is it. My good news is the weather was beautifully yesterday again we went to school and it was great and my kids slack. Cashed it it was fantastic. Site sat at a table with a grown ups. I chitchat and yeah. Major McCain didn't drown in the way we don't know if you've done a damn good news. Writes from Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.