What's Your Good News - Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Lights

Wednesday, November 22nd

Riggs found an app that allows him to control his Christmas lights via bluetooth and Gibbons will be partying with a WWE superstar tonight! GOOOOOOOOOD News all around!!!


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He missed it the first time. Ellie realize he had good news this morning hole yes I do you have givens I have been on good authority yes. That this evening yes your boys Gibbons yes will be partying we have done one of his favorite. WWE. Superstar no way that's right through. I don't wanna see names I don't I know in new name names I noticed that I can reject you withdraw stroman later. I'm not sure among men plug stroman yes and that is to them excited for he's a big deal he's AFC he's a family friend that good friend of mine. I held rostrum and all right. Yes I'm totally unique he's got a car outright as a failure on usually do to every got to do I don't care blacked out Wednesday. That's an excellent some thinking about taking my universal title that yummy from a birthday all the Denzel yeah this note that titles getting universal titles and maybe get a earlier closing we had given that championship belts AKA title. For his birthday yes it's elegant lace sleeves and how I might give them a shot at the time. Tonight's maybe she's the fourth or fifth. To sounds Iran can perfect it and listen video that pleases me maybe not. Might in his left on a way to control the delights for our outdoor business over Christmas lights it was warm. The not yet. They haven't had a little bit and haven't had a bit and adding go outside and actually plug them in on our porch yeah Sox. Until I found this thing called the IQ plug it. It is a plug that goes in how they're outside a half got a Bluetooth connector on its audience at my house and turn my lights on and over the phone I can set the timer on it through the ask. Suddenly and at the war about a so they come on automatically like 5 o'clock and they go off automatically at 10 o'clock. That's really is insane and that's a worry about it anymore and it saves energy and I tell my god. You dammit I'm happy and box. Public debt I keep plug or something it was only me fifty dollars insisting the there there's just tells you right there were the end where low deficit lights on and off that's crazy mind below seriously and technology you crazy that's good news. Originality it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.