What's Your Good News - Taco Tuesday, Bad Moms and Cash

Tuesday, October 31st

Gibbons is ready to celebrate Taco Tuesday, Alley had fun at the Bad Moms 2 Premiere, and Riggs is happy he got paid! Good News for all!!


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Mix and Alley re wines. The play something Halloween when there. We are all of us. Stack. Italian gazans are in their couples costumes. I don't go to clubs are now. They don't act clearly. How relevant funny BS which. And under the dominion and not done. It ought to have and I'm gonna swallow yeah completely outside of the guys. I don't you gotta be seen but the hot dogs and none of us. Manner do you have good news just out today and I had great news division battle mountain movie yeah ideological. And how was it Palin's. Panic as good or better than the first ones who you know it's funny I don't even I got to re watched the first line because it was one of those things right came into the second. So much information now remember anything that he stranger things. Here every watched the first team that out yet but it was hysterical all did and the guys from this disaster it's and that whole. Rap is that guy high end feeling I'm obsessed just shy now if if it. Navigator dreaming about that guy in the developed what to do from this I'll be so hot in excess damage he waxes and what she heard the topic. Think they'll fire hydrant that's just like me my character are gonna louder Katherine Conley a crazy kept announced character from the a lot and she works at a salon she racks this guy's private hope now I have nothing mean it's hysterical especially. And retreated flags oh gee I think heavies like I think I love. Sure dad hello guys and again I love you dear notes these are easy and revive theater all. I'll tell you get are latching Baidu is a sudden it happened she ever did. Amid a message to get my boys Lexus. Darn I'm so disappointed I love this tournament you're gonna get your boys Larry I have a love like I did it. They saw the bad mom movie's premiere comes out. Died tomorrow Wednesday did this sort of bad mom's Christmas that it was funny at Susan's a random that it out loudly to that could that mom's command for Christmas. I Carl whacked out like down south given what you did inside just an. Hartley is that this is a Skype yeah. Huh. Like you know my good news is that in addition to Halloween today is also top go to Tuesday. Companies and tacos tonight we're over Taco Bell can't you downtown L. Your hot start are constantly feel it's how you are now. Halloween of course we. A Delaware and now they have like ten different wide view on how well they keep building more and I'm loving gamma keep building Bel Air keep building assets. You don't run on us we go to the one so critical times Austin. NASA ever there's one there he went in Oak Creek is on Tulsa now as when and why didn't have quarters yet heard yet. Did the clinic corners of their all of this listeners might mean is this the 31 we just got paid today on. That's I would love to get the home. When you're ready to then your broken yet he had it was. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.