What's Your Good News - Solved The Mystery!!!

Wednesday, May 16th

AHHHHH!!!! A major mystery has been solved!!!! Check out this clip for the details!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind what they've point seven kiss FM it's race and now a good morning and had mud and beautiful day and see this ring tanked and I. On the beauty in my didn't uses them to be out noon to two handed out Wisconsin sees nobody could aren't he had. Let me I would be at Miller Park police thriller at Miller with highs rademan hasn't played entering your own Miller Park today. C a zoo like wait what I thought the brewers were in Arizona well they are but we selling cars was ticketed deep instill a new machine. Yeah. So when I drive I a mile park you'll see all those cars for the car say all right there on Saturday. What drives all the cars to Miller Park for them from the huge. Do you think about that play. Like they don't show up all those cars there for nothing gonna sound so big effort to help. All right he's got a lot of work as an advocate on behalf yeah. Anybody out from five to seven in America cash flow in the outline and silver spring yeah and is it it's 1935 sellers for example I'll be there but that was not my good news when you're good in my good news as he just wait 7:30 this morning I'm. I'm about to bring the heat. My sister has been seeing this guy for over year. And I found out he was married Leon daddy has a white swing down now. The kid and we found that a lot of things in the past two days and I mean I can't see why we you mean you ideally placed us. I. Tastes it's this guys scared about it at this point. Typical let me just tell you at 7:30 am gonna give media day on the finale of my sister fighting the guy's wife did actually meet funny guys why yeah. Fascinating story about how everything went down last night I'm sitting here reading this guy lied about. I mean this guy said he was in the military he was flying out of the country that we thought it was like CIA air Navy SEALs or something. I don't know how low you just wait a wife told us everything. 00. What used for the white so they don't are called back. And brief day the Rangel and Walters talk snow white's last night school. I was having an affair or. All right you're the guy was Mary you know the Internet chat we need is that they know more. Until seven dirty sense that they're ready and W is not saying Morris Almond Astoria notre Sino UUBUR. Smart good news at seven. I tell you know we all are sitting here with my hands voted added challenges. Precinct I can't wait. Yeah okay okay I got my current. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.