What's Your Good News - So Much Adulting

Monday, December 11th

Gibbons and Alley did a bunch of adulting over the weekend. Check out this clip to find out why that is Good News!


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Kelly replied yeah. In case you missed it the first time we do this every day average finale what you're good news. Yeah so get ready for what sure good news mighty good news as a write in bid article in an article that's his dad and Jared he's not here for two weeks lucky. My good news I got a package over the weekend yeah it was from my dad my step mom. And in this package is like Christmas package right today discards old navy nice and for the first time in I want to say for years. I have new shoes. Not shocked Taylor converse she oh my god that's funny what are they fairly apparent Nike shoes and here's the weird. The last family jewels and are usually bag is the worse really got to the foot doctors that she said there's no worse for your feet I thought it was I don't think so I'm so don't feel that there Nike running shoes. I'm like they think I'm a runner that I'm not a runner. Well would you like us you buy for looks you don't care who are running locked gate I'm sure Thai king you're like these are cute and looks like black and went to a lot of people there. That's too funny what is your good news alleyway did you have that Nike outlet now then is that the gifts they got and their male called a mail you the January 9. Mike good news is I got so much dynamite four days off I got ahead. Headboard put on my bed all I got two new lay ups put out. I Coleen did. I. Got more Christmas flight I'd like to put up machines dude we call me didn't crack down on it's such a delta and done everything you're right. Yeah I'm curious to. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.