What's Your Good News - So Many Tacos

Monday, November 6th

Riggs loves tacos so much that he went to the same place TWICE over the weekend. If that isn't Good News, then nothing is!


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This is a three. And Ellie rewind it's one of three point seven kiss FM regs and Allie Allie has Valenti and today her nannies and taken ills it's just stay home of the photos via. Given what you get used to have some when your back should that's that's my good news and the public as anyone. Actually a prisoner in my own home. Mike placed one time on Saturday for what I thought was going to be twenty minutes is really two hours we'll talk about that later Hulk but I extension. But I am back I wouldn't say I'm better than never but I am back but I don't all right he had good. My guess Tuesday night waiting time goes this week. What they like to Baylor and his twice as we don't want this summer just in the mood for Todd goes all weekend long. I was that was twice in the head at the bunny is a lesson we have a villain whose stellar cantina. Delicious but here there was better than Baylor game you know oil drilling now belly candidate twice right the video in Oak Creek just like your downtown which uniter in America I. That's a traveler downtown. It is set up numbers and it's fantastic pacer yeah. I'm full of tock goes man it's Monday and kind of a sentiment that hasn't yet been fantastically I just feel it can feel it due to be good weaken my points. It's. Riggs and Elliott brings LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.