What's Your Good News - Safe From The Snow

Tuesday, January 23rd

Riggs, Alley and Gibbons all made it in to work safe from all this crazy snow! GOOD NEWS!!!

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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. 103 point seven kiss FM's race and Allan good morning there are some closing distraction. Yeah. Yeah. Out there hit just how many relying relations out of nowhere it feels like minded. It was late Joes and I didn't know that sounds like today and that's how she could even told my driveway of the plough had come. There was so much Josh renewable and deaths from Somalia how. Everybody else. Gonna wake up like yeah yeah like fortified and is not. Yeah but still we gonna they're still good news because there's snow on the go. Beautiful today Eli and his beautiful diverse kids go to. How are they ready now at the end. And flashy that it's not going but it's what your good news bell. My portal road drive actually stopping. Four times Ramos slid. I don't have four wheel drive you make it to work so you really are good days. Hell yeah my good news is that what I fish tail out and got a green from Arianna or I missed the median IIE. You're not out there Mike Taylor and almost matches comedian buddy didn't and I made it here so that's my. Got any better and putt okay you still selling job. So I guess this is that a lot of what you bones or might argue like these Himalayan dog she is. And ran out of stock on Amazon and jacked up the price could even find a Himalayan dogs there really get him like he actually felt I try to get better and I. I like to have theorized that they jacked up to price that they went out of stock and I email them and I was like yeah. I want the original price in this problems listeners are back in stock and get him for the regime fast. If he'd let me tell all these dogs like disease knows doubling every kid and I think that it doesn't even know about how can achieve this streak that. That's probably true criminal yeah. The action of their super guys had when ever tell me tell it like up but the dude I thought it really irritates the real. If they're really they're good in the mountains surrounding Mount Everest more than 151000. I am using traditional methods with yaks and nortel's milk cannot natural products in the preserve your. Wednesday June I guess you're like yeah I understand. I'll post broke. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.