What's Your Good News - Rock, Paper, Scissor

Tuesday, December 12th

Alley's kids have learned the great artform that is ROCK, PAPER, SCISSOR. That's Good News, even if it means they now want to constantly play it with Alley.


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This is a and Ellie rewind tallies had a little mini stroke rare sounds my headphone. And bring all. Riggs has been an article by the way SES every day people don't believe me but he's really an Antarctic copies finally there I saw I think it was yesterday he posted on CB OJ is in LA he's been tagging like the different locations and I was he had a phone it just died until the crew is another officially on the crew and I get a call them now I didn't realise and think that aren't so can he was he was any man on a cruise you happen all at library is our only good news shall leave. What is your good news of the day given some mighty good news yes miles the day. Oh my god I wrote it down completely black and now you if you hey you forgot. They've got guard pointed out it's real idea what it is I just checked our fantasy league fantasy football league and I forgot about exactly dude I'm in first place. And he went to they usually I'd shoot nobody don't dragging right I probably don't know there's money involved I did I get more competitive I love up up up up up. What does not. Now so I'm in first place ha ha ha ha nice I forgot we're gonna lead to be quite honest you don't have the app when your phone gives the update now on our Saturday and watch football him as little. Les my. Is giving me that last night my kids my. Trying to play rock paper scissors. And we had a time of our life there watches the show where they were teaching them until when they went to bed like let's play proper papers as the league you've got to. Weeks later and other big baby gets hysterical they understand what deeds what's up like sit there is. I cut your pay her and he's like why no eyewear event I do. I don't wanna come over your health plan on paper scissor with the kids for Darren. It's my kids love rock paper scissors now I have. How they is that we're gonna settle all our argument that's genius on a brilliant or younger kids are so I know. Tell me about it and get a starting your day with and you know my stuff happen. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.