What's Your Good News - A Really Fun Weekend

Monday, July 16th

Between going to concerts and events for the radio station Riggs, Alley and Gibbons had quite the fun weekend!

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Rigs and Ali rewind one of three point seven GSF demonstrate value. Week ended may have been some early gets. Or is the latter in my dorm. My goodness that I saw ice you've been a Sauna. Yeah I. That's Cuba Saturday yeah. You heard from so many listeners what blizzard McCain Dotel joins me three essay wins now when she was there their kids and anyway let's yeah freaky and stuff. And ice cube and I hear Alex your kids don't tell track and get a win the next morning I. I'm glad it was a really good shelf she would and it really good to sell hot. I'm ready didn't have air conditioning I don't need another week until we did show there in September when I'm yeah. 01 shows have been in the winter you know and an injustice that's shows in December and it's relatively pleasant and blustery day. Our guys and that's super nice and warm arouses great but no it was a hot sun and I. But I Steve killed it's it was amazing it was a great shell beginning to end. And as we were as we were and about leaving my left that a little seams can light headed from that the heat so yeah I. I can't imagine that more people into our end as we relating we heard it was a good day playing like download windows as we get here are going into the Clark Atlanta guises of our. I got a chance to heart aches and ice cube but he's nephew my. Eight K gotta say it was a good day was today given what you did in my video says he backs off from your good news okay and at the ice cube Shelby Ohio man on stage just ice cube and other do. And that dude has done you see when my favorite West Coast rappers like no one's ever heard out and how the armor of god. See so I was anger rolling out as much for a tight man as I was for I just have ice cube once you meet Ben grow out about some dude nobody knows anything else about. The very direct anger Obama did very early evening down like on the cart bashing and he's watching me see that dog is I love that god. Tally exceeded my goodness is that a great Saturday hosting walk red wag yes. Addict you know the Milwaukee area animal domestic control I would say that wrong anyway yes he's made back you know he'd get it now. I'll make you a lot of amazing things and they help tried to spread you know awareness about pit bulls to slated Dem bums out there are convinced him bulls are hammering yeah not necessarily the case. I haven't been adopted they spay neuter any way to get the walk it was great the rain held off on Saturday morning pass was perfect. And it was fine and I love doing that event every year ice and in west was they're serving beer less lucky don't see him Delaware rolled up with the tacos and 'cause I knew your name anyone yeah. Hell yeah Todd isn't there always didn't always. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.